Walk through metal detector – Garrett PD 6500i

  • As many as 33 detection zones!
  • Professional Walk through metal detector
  • It requires no advanced skills to use
  • Efficiently protects against threats
  • Conforms with safety norms
  • The Garrett PD 6500i professional walk through metal detector not only has a modern and durable design, but it also meets the stringent equipment safety requirements for all US airports.

    Professional walk through Garrett PD 6500i is famous for not only its modern and reliable design but also for complying with rigorous safety norms applicable to all American airports.The hermetic housing which for GPS tracker Guardian II and necessary accessories as batteries (extending the operation of up to 30 days!).

    The professional walk-through metal detector was designed for precise threat pinpointing (as many as 33 detection zones), discerning between dangerous and neutral objects (e.g. keys, coins, etc.), and scanning large number of people in a short time in compliance with all the safety standards.


    • airports, seaports, railway stations
    • courthouses, penal institutions
    • factories
    • regular and nuclear power stations
    • military facilities
    • schools and universities
    • stadia and sport facilities
    • a variety of private and public spaces
    • mass events
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